Artificial Grass Accessories That You Must Have

Are you looking for information regarding artificial grass accessories and underlay? Look no further. The Artificial Grass Company UK has everything you need to install your artificial grass, so let’s dive straight in!

Artificial Grass Accessories

After buying artificial grass for your lovely garden, one might need the tools and accessories for the installation. The Artificial Grass Company Uk is a one-stop-shop where you can buy all the relevant artificial grass underlay and other accessories. You can transform your landscape into a dream garden in no time. 

We have accessories that include a wide range of tools like pegs, pins, underlay, tape, and much more. Hence, we always have your back.

1. Galvanized Steel U Pins (50 Pins per Pack)

The first thing we stock in artificial grass underlay and accessories is galvanized pins. These are U-shaped galvanized steel pins, and can be used to secure your artificial grass into soft ground areas by tacking down the underlying sheet.

2. Seaming Tape LMP Super 

Seaming tape is used for artificial grass seam joints. It is impervious to moisture ingress from the base. Further features are:

  • Strong rot proof geo-textile bonding medium
  • Lays flat to the substrate when rolled out
  • Sealed back to prevent adhesive penetrating to base.
3. Geotextile Weed Membrane for Artificial Grass - 100 GSM

By installing an underlay sheet or geotextile weed membrane, you can avoid weed growth. It is ideal to use with synthetic grass to prevent weeds from coming through the artificial grass yet still allows surface water filtration. This membrane also provides a spongy feel to the grass. 

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4. B Bond Artificial Grass Adhesive

The next thing in artificial grass underlay and accessories is G Bond Adhesive. It is green in color and feels like a green-grass paste. Its features are 

  • Applied to one surface the adhesive exhibits high bond strength.
  • Good tolerance to use in damp colder conditions - once dried the bonds are fully resistant to all sorts of seasonal weather. 
  • Adhesive colored green to match synthetic grass.
  • The single-component adhesive used direct from the cartridge - does not require any hardeners or mixing. 
  • Ideal for installation or maintenance work.
5. Multi-Purpose G Bond Adhesive

Last, but not least, Multi-Purpose G Bond Adhesive. It is available in 5kg tubs, this is a two-piece adhesive that needs a separate hardener to be mixed vigorously to activate the adhesive. It’s features are:

  • Especially for use in adverse weather conditions.
  • Bonds well even if materials are not dry.
  • Structured to spread well at lower temperatures.
  • Good cure times are possible at low temperatures from 3°C.
  • No expansion of adhesive film in wet conditions.
  • Bond strength specifications maintained.
  • Installation Season and working day time can be extended.

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