G Bond Wet Weather Adhesive

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G bond wet weather adhesive is a two-component polyurethane-based adhesive system primarily designed for bonding artificial grass surfaces to any frame or ground via jointing. It produces a strong invisible joint along the carpet joints. It is a high-performance artificial grass adhesive, known for its superior strength and water-proof bonding.


It is a grass-green color paste to match with artificial grass color. 


It is made from high-quality non-hazardous material. 

When to use it:

It works best in low temperatures as well as in damp conditions and can stand up to different weather conditions. The addition of an accelerator known as a ‘Rapid Set” is always recommended at low temperatures. You can add and mix one or two bottles at the same time when adding a hardener additive. 

Where to use it:

G bond wet weather adhesive is best suited for large areas or areas where fake grass sticking to hard surfaces like concrete, sports field, etc is needed. Hence, can easily withstand wear and tear from heavy traffic like parks, playgrounds, etc. 

 How to use it:

You can use a notched trowel or any suitable machine for applying to seaming tape. Avoid contact with skin by wearing gloves. 

Open/Cure Time:

It requires a full cure time of 6-24 hours. We guarantee you a real wet-fix performance. It requires a simple application and offers high strength.  

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It can be stored for 12 months in unopened containers at 5-25 degrees.

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Product Features:

Size: 6 KG

Coverage: Between 15 - 20 linear meters

Settling Time: 6 Hours (at 20 degrees)

Full Cure: 24 Hours for chemical bonding

Strength: High 

Open Time: 45 mins (at 20 degrees)

Hazards: Free from carcinogens

Ease of Use:  Simple

UV Resistant: Yes

Resists Mold Growth: Yes

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