Does Artificial Grass Stand Up to Climate Change?

Can artificial grass stand up to climate change? In this blog, we are going to explore some facts about artificial grass and climate change

Artificial grass is known for providing numerous benefits in the place of natural and real grass. But, regardless of its advantages, we have come across a specific question: does artificial grass contribute to climate change? 

Artificial Grass And Climate Change

Installing fake turf in your garden helps you reduce your water and electricity bills. The reason is it’s low maintenance. Synthetic turf won’t be needing regular watering to keep it looking fresh and green. You don’t even have to buy mowing equipment, and won’t be spending any money on electricity to run the lawn mower. 

No Harmful Chemicals for Artificial Grass

Maintaining a real lawn needs pesticides, weed killer, fertilizers, and many other chemicals which are harmful for our environment. These chemicals are not only harmful for the environment but are also toxic for pets and humans. 

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Studies have shown that when these toxic chemicals reach water reservoirs, they can kill our aquatic life as well. So their contribution towards global climate change is guaranteed.

Therefore, artificial grass is the best choice. It does not require any kind of such chemicals for its maintenance. All the assumptions that artificial grass causes climate change are not true. 

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Artificial Grass Reduces Water Consumption

Water is a very important factor of our environment. Due to rapid water consumption, it is becoming a very scarce resource. Real lawn needs regular watering as mentioned above which can become a major reason to cause climate change. 

Artificial grass provides an obvious benefit of not needing water to keep itself luscious and green. That is why artificial grass is not affecting climate change.


It is completely safe to use fake turf indoors and outdoors because artificial grass and climate change related effects are not an issue.