Light Fireworks on Artificial grass

While installing artificial grass indoors or outdoors, you are probably thinking, is it safe to use fireworks? Can you use fireworks on artificial grass, what are the odds?

The answer is simple: “No”. You should never light fireworks on artificial grass. While lighting fireworks, there is a high risk of getting your fake turf burnt, the sparks coming out of the fire sticks can burn or even melt your grass because of intense heat. It can cause great damage to your pets, and family and you should always ensure complete safety when it comes to celebrations.

Light Fireworks on Artificial Grass 

It’s a celebration night, you’re hosting a family dinner and you want to light some fireworks. We all know that firework celebrations bring a lot of fun and happiness. But it is not safe to light fireworks on artificial grass.

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However, you can go for many alternatives to enjoy your celebration. These are some of the alternatives that we recommend to entertain your family night. 

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Laser Light show

Using laser lights as an alternative to fireworks is highly recommended. Laser lights are full of different colors and can be synced with music. You can enjoy lights and music of your taste at the same time. In this way, your safety is ensured and you can enjoy it without worrying about any fire hazard. 

Fireworks on Concrete

You can light fireworks on the concrete portion of your garden. It is the best alternative as you can enjoy both fireworks and your beautiful lawn at the same time. You just need to be careful that these fireworks are well away from lawns. 

Some people don’t want to have such noise and intense light or they can’t afford fireworks. If that’s the case, you can always have a spread of food and drinks for your guest to have a successful and enjoyable night.