Is Artificial Grass Cheaper than Real grass?

Is Artificial Grass Cheaper than Real grass?

Have you ever been invited by your neighbour for an event and their garden looked freshly mowed and realistic green? Yes, now you might be thinking, what on earth are they doing, to keep it like this? Well, we are here to tell you that it is artificial grass. Artificial grass is cheaper than real grass. In this blog, we answer your question; does artificial grass cost less than real grass? Find out now! 

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Artificial Grass

Artificial turf is a real-green-looking grass, made from synthetic fibres, durable and long-lasting. It is gaining popularity as it saves money and it requires low maintenance. The most important thing to look up here is the cost. 

Of course, when you are going to install fake turf in your garden, the cost is the first and foremost factor to think about. 

Artificial Grass is cheaper than Real Grass 

The cost of fake turf depends upon various factors for example; synthetic grass material, accessories, from which brand you are buying, area size, and shape. 

The average cost of a 50 Square meter garden is between £3000 and £5000. This includes the price of labour and materials as well.

Having said that, fake turf is a one-time investment. Installing an artificial lawn in your garden needs a visible amount of money compared to real lawns, but maintaining a real lawn is another thing. 

A real lawn needs regular mowing, weeding, fertilizers, and watering so it requires your time and money which is not the case for fake turf. A real lawn needs to be cleaned daily, whereas fake turf won’t be needing such regular cleaning. 

You can have major savings with artificial turf in terms of money and time. 

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