DIY Fitting of Artificial Grass | A Brief Guide

Installing artificial grass is a tough job but thanks to DIY laying of artificial grass. DIY fitting of synthetic grass is easy and saves you a lot of money as compared to hiring a professional to do it. But, you will be surprised to know how much work is involved in this. 

In this blog, we are going to give you some advice on the DIY fitting of fake grass. It will help you avoid any mistakes during the DIY fitting of artificial grass

DIY Fitting of Artificial Grass

Insufficient Excavation

One of the main problems that you can avoid during the DIY fitting is insufficient excavation. It will make your lawn look uneven, and we advise you to remove a minimum of 75mm (3 inches) below the final height of your lawn.

Fail to Install Weed Membrane

Installing artificial grass means no more weed control. Without having a weed membrane under your grass layer, there’s a high risk of growing weed, and for that we recommend you to install a weed membrane to subgrade. 

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Uneven Laying Course

Before laying artificial grass, it is very important to ensure that the surface is perfectly flat and ready for the grass layer. You can use a plastic float to flatten the surface.

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Wrong Direction of Pile

In the DIY fitting of artificial grass, make sure the pile direction of grass rolls facing the same direction. It will help you avoid any visible joints. 

Improper Cutting & Securing of Joints

The next problem that can be seen is visible joints due to improper cutting. We advise you to cut 3 stitches off the edge of your fake turf. Use a joining tape or a multipurpose adhesive to ensure proper securing of joints. 

Joining Tape/ Adhesive Mistakes

The next piece of advice is to make sure to use joining tape such that the rough side of the joining tape is facing upward. It will help the grass to adhere more. Also using too much adhesive is not going to do the job at all. A 2mm layer of adhesive is enough for the entire length.