Cheap Artificial Grass UK for Your Garden

Are you looking for budget artificial grass for your outdoors? Do you want real-looking artificial grass that suits your budget? Then, here is your answer. 

We are going to tell you no matter what your budget is, cheap artificial grass in the UK is definitely attainable. Let’s look at how you can save some money by using cheap artificial grass in the UK.

Having a home and maintaining it, is no doubt expensive. But buying products that lie within your budget is a must and preferable for everyone. One huge expense can be artificial grass. 

Being made from synthetic material, artificial grass has been in use since old times, in various places and has revolutionized the meaning of home décor. Artificial grass is child & pet-friendly. It is harmless to the environment as it needs no chemicals to keep bugs or insects away. 

Know about DIY Fitting of Artificial Grass

Cheap Artificial Grass UK

Before going into the detailed cost of fake grass, let us tell you more about the types of artificial grass. It will make it easier for you to understand how artificial grass is being priced. Mostly, three different types of material are being used in the production of fake grass. These are: 

  • Polypropylene Artificial Grass
  • Polyethylene Artificial Grass
  • Nylon Artificial Grass

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Pricing of Budget Artificial Grass

No matter what type of artificial grass you choose, you will be charged per meter square. So if you see a particular price on our website, it will indicate the price per meter squared. We always recommend going for the cheap artificial grass option. 

You are probably wondering how much artificial grass costs? There are a few other prices involved in your total cost. For example, after buying a fixed piece of fake turf, you need shipping which is charged separately. VAT price is also included for transparency purposes. There is a separate cost if you need any weed membrane, shock pad, jointing tape, pins, joining adhesives, etc

Now to install your artificial lawn, you may install it yourself, of course, which will eventually save you money. We have a complete guide for DIY installing artificial grass.

In case you are wondering about the cost of installing artificial grass in your home, it depends on several factors like preparation, turf, base materials, underlayment, weed barrier, edging, infill, and labour.