Artifical Grass Adhesive [YOU MUST KNOW]

We are often asked, “what do I need to fix  artificial grass?” and “do I need Artifical Grass Adhesive?”

Don’t worry – we’ll now explain in detail what you will need to install your grass.

You won’t always need tape for your installation. It depends on the size of the area.

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Our grass roll widths are available in 2m, 4m & 5m wide rolls. So, if your area is more significant than 5m wide, you will need to join two pieces of artificial grass together – and this is where Artifical Grass Adhesive is required.

 Are you looking for information about our product, artificial grass adhesive? Look no further. The Artificial Grass Company UK has everything you need to install your artificial grass, so let’s dive straight in! Artificial Grass Adhesive is available in two smart packings.

Artifical Grass Adhesive [YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT IT]

Following are the features of our innovative product:

B Bond Artificial Grass Adhesive

G Bond Adhesive available is green in colour and feels like a green-grass paste. Its features are 

  • Applied to one surface, the adhesive exhibits high bond strength.
  • Adhesive coloured green to match synthetic grass.
  • The single-component adhesive used directly from the cartridge - does not require hardeners or mixing. 
  • Ideal for installation or maintenance work.
  • Good tolerance to use in damp colder conditions - once dried, the bonds are fully resistant to all sorts of seasonal weather. 


  • Multi-Purpose G Bond Adhesive
  • Multi-Purpose G Bond Adhesive. It is available in 5kg tubs; this is a two-piece adhesive that needs a separate hardener to be mixed vigorously to activate the glue. Its features are:

    • Primarily for use in adverse weather conditions.
    • Bonds well even if materials are not dry.
    • Structured to spread well at lower temperatures.
    • Good cure times are possible at low temperatures from 3°C.
    • No expansion of adhesive film in wet conditions.
    • Bond strength specifications are maintained.
    • You can extend Installation Season and working day time.
    What are the advantages?
    •  where you put it, less mess
    • Rapid cure Less cramping/bonding time saves labour costs
    • Easy to use Standard 6kg cartridge
    • It Can use high temp resistance in exposed areas and light boxes
    • 10min and 30min cure Flexibility of adhesive when assembling
    What temperature can you use it?
    •  You can use Multi-Purpose B Bond Artificial Grass Adhesive in temperatures ranging from 5°C to 30°C.

    • You can use Multi-Purpose G Bond Adhesive in temperatures between 3°C to 30°C.

    Which Type of Adhesive is Best?

    There’s no short answer to this as there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

    Both types of adhesive have their place. It all comes down to the intended use when it comes to recommending which one is best. To help you decide which form of adhesive you should consider using, 

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