How to Use Artifical Grass Pegs

How will I get to know how many Artifical Grass Pegs I need for the installation and Where will I get the best quality artificial grass pegs? The Artificial Grass Company Uk is the only top shop where you can buy the best quality artificial grass pegs and other accessories.

Secure the grass for installation; You have to use unique artificial grass pegs driven into the base to secure the grass.

The first step is to ensure that the grass remains fixed in one place without getting pulled up or overturned. Using the best quality, Artifical Grass Pegs are essential in artificial grass installation.

This blog will state the best uses of artificial grass pegs.

How to Use Artifical Grass Pegs

We have the best quality artificial grass pegs which secure your grass and its foundations, including artificial grass adhesives. These Artificial Grass Pegs are strong and durable with corrosion-resistant properties. Designed to be used for easy installation of any artificial grass or other ground coverings. These economical and effective pins will keep your artificial grass in perfect shape.

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Our Artificial grass pegs fix grass incredibly well when laying artificial grass against a wooden perimeter, top decking, or patios and balconies.

  • These artificial grass pegs are supplied in packs of 50.
  • Each peg is 150mm long and approximately 6mm wide.
  • You can use pegs to fix the grass with or without adhesive.
  • Ten pegs should be enough for fixing a 2 x 2m or 4 x 1m patch of grass (4 square metres).
  • Twenty pegs should be enough to fix approximately 8 square metres of grass; 50 pegs will cover about 20m and 100 pegs around 40m.

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Practice safety measures while securing turf using pegs to avoid harmful mistakes. Beware of what is under the grass, i.e. hitting an electrical cable or puncturing an irrigation line which can be expensive or cause serious injury. 

Pro tip: The spacing between pegs depends on the traffic, type of grass and other factors. A spacing range of 4 to 10" is ideal and roughly 1 inch from the artificial grass's edge. It's good practice to offset the pegs so they aren't lined precisely opposite each other. The key is to be patient when nailing artificial grass, and it's a skill that gets easier over time. If installing artificial grass for a dog, ensure the pegs are fully set, so a curious puppy can not easily pull them out.