Artificial Grass Offcuts 4m x 4m [Perfect Use]

Artificial grass is perfect for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications. Need Artificial Grass Offcuts 4m x 4m for school projects or doormats?

We treat every piece of grass equally, but some sell for a specific size.

We just reduced the size, not the quality. 

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Just as there are many sizes of Artificial Grass, there are many ways to use artificial grass, creating excellent spaces. Many of our clients ask what can be done with Artificial Grass Offcuts 4m x 4m? Others would like to see if they can do something good with the offcuts. So we decided to list the unique ways to use artificial grass offcuts so that you can get creative with your artificial grass leftovers!

Artificial Grass Offcuts 4m x 4m [Perfect Use]

We will make perfect use of artificial grass offcuts for you. Let’s head to the list!

Make a doormat:

A simple and practical use for your artificial grass offcuts is. Doormats! Offcuts are usually square or rectangular, making them perfect for a brand new doormat.

Chair covers:

Add a unique twist to garden furniture with artificial grass chair covers. Either transform an entire chair or use the turf as a comfortable and colourful seat cover.

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 Decorating Your Stairways:

Artificial grass is commonly used as an alternative flooring option instead of carpets. You can extend that basic idea and use the offcuts to line up your stairs. The grass looks great, going up and down the stairs will be a new experience.

Lining Your Wardrobe And Shoe Racks:

If you are always complaining about the kids dragging in their dusty or muddy shoes and getting the surfaces around the shoe racks dirty, then artificial grass cut-offs could be the solution you have been looking for. You can conveniently clean the slight covering regularly.

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