Replacing Artificial Grass with Real Grass

Thinking of laying grass in your garden? Well, you got two choices, artificial grass or real lawn. In this blog, we are here to tell you all about replacing artificial grass with real grass and fake turf benefits.

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Replacing Artificial Grass with Real Grass

Real lawns are a thing of the past now because of various factors. We have listed down all the factors for you to decide because, despite everything that a real lawn can do, artificial grass does that and much more. 

Proper Maintenance

Real lawns require proper maintenance, you’ll need to dedicate plenty of time from your busy schedule regularly. Mowing, weeding, and watering; are 3 regular jobs you’ll need to do to make your garden look fresh and alive. 

That’s why replacing artificial grass with real grass is encouraged.

Heavy Traffic

Another reason is that real turf is not good with heavy traffic. Imagine you’re hosting a barbeque night for your friends & family in your freshly mowed green garden, and the next day it will look like it’s been through two weeks of Wimbledon. Now it needs further attention. 

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Additionally, with having sand/mud under your real lawn, your dogs will leave muddy patches while playing. It can also cause wear & tear on the real lawn. Thus, creating a dirty and messy look in your garden and you don’t want that after all this hard work.

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Last but not the least, replacing fake turf with real grass is so important from an aesthetic point of view. Real lawns face many challenges including seasonal changes, heavy traffic, wear & tear, and many more. In contrast, artificial grass looks realistic. It makes your garden look perfect with the same color, and texture and not affected by weather, or wear.