Is Artificial Grass Static?

It is true that artificial grass can become static and it can cause electric shocks as well. But don’t you worry at all.

In this article you will find out everything regarding, is artificial grass static? Why do we feel these static electric shocks while walking on fake turf? How does static electricity build up? What’s the solution for static fake grass?

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Artificial Grass Static

It is a natural phenomenon that fake turf becomes static but it can be easily resolved. 

Static electricity builds up when there is friction between two objects, i.e. dry and wet objects. Mostly it occurs when you have wet weather conditions. Static friction occurs between wet grass and dry soil which makes us feel the static electric shocks.

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It happens in extremely dry and wet conditions also. The continuous movement or contact with grass builds up the electric charge. In another case, if fake turf is newly installed, metal objects like irons, bars, gates, or pet cages when coming in contact with the body can cause serious shocks. 

How does it affect us?

We all heard of the famous saying that “prevention is better than cure!”. Though these shocks are very minor one should do all the required measures to prevent them from happening in the first place. Make sure to monitor the proper installation or laying of artificial grass. 

Sometimes, you may feel your trousers, your shirt, or the body hair on your legs or arms being pulled by a static charge on the grass. Moreover, these shocks also have the ability to destroy your electronic devices such as mobile phones, headphones, portable speakers, etc.

The Ultimate Solution to Prevent Artificial Grass Static

The simple solution to prevent it, spray water on the grass to discharge the static effect. You can use an antistatic product from a local DIY shop. You can also remove the metal or conductor that causes this charge. 

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