Artificial Grass Care

Nowadays people are switching towards fake grass rapidly as it is easy to install and maintain. No need for weeding, regular mowing, or watering. With that being said, you might want to know; how to take care of your fake grass in autumn? We have gathered a few maintenance hacks/tips for artificial grass care to keep your lawn fresh and green in autumn. Here are these:

Artificial Grass Care Tips

No doubt, artificial grass is the best option for all seasons, and it is equally important to maintain your synthetic turf in autumn, as you do in summer or winter.

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Tip # 01 Cleaning & Brushing

Cleaning & brushing your astroturf is the first thing to do. Clean the debris, and pick up fallen leaves, branches, and other debris in case you are having a large number of plants and trees. We always recommend using a rake to collect the debris. What we do not recommend is using a leaf blower because it can disturb your infill and you don’t want that at all.  

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Cross brushing is always recommended to keep the fibers fluffy and upright. Brushes that have metal or wire bristles can damage the grass so avoid them. 

Tip # 02 Removing Moss

The second tip is the removal of moss. It is most likely that due to damp conditions in autumn, moss can grow. But no need to panic. You can always remove it. To avoid this thing make sure you have a proper drainage system. Regular brushing can also do the job. 

Tip # 03 Frost

The third tip for artificial grass care is to be aware of frost. Let the frost melt itself. But if you still want to remove the frost layer, make sure to use a plastic shovel instead of anything sharp to avoid affecting you and grass fibers. 

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