Artificial Grass Maintenance [Zero Maintenance]

Little maintenance doesn’t equal zero with artificial grass. With that being said, maintaining artificial grass is easy and simple but you still need to keep an eye on your artificial grass. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight some useful tips for artificial grass maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance

Astroturf comes with plenty of benefits. It is the best alternative to real grass for various reasons.

Artificial Grass has unique needs

Keeping your fake grass clean and fresh is a lot of work. It involves day-to-day management. Having real-looking grass with a comfortable and pleasant feel is what your family, kids, and pets need. Moreover, it is very difficult to clean real lawns if you have pets. All the food, oil, or pet spills need to be cleaned in order to have a fresh and clean look for your artificial grass. 

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Artificial Grass Needs Little/ Zero Maintenance

Over the years, it can be seen that artificial grass can easily be used in place of real grass. More and more people are turning towards artificial grass because of its abundant features. It is true that artificial turf doesn’t face the same threats as the real lawn does. It doesn’t require regular mowing, watering, fertilizing, or insecticides. It can withstand extreme wear & tear and high traffic. 

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Despite this, it still needs attention and time for little maintenance. Here are a few tips…

Clean, Rinse, Brush, and Repeat

Cleaning, rinsing, and brushing are the major steps for artificial grass maintenance. Here’s how and what you can do:

  • First, remove the debris, branches, and fallen leaves. This can be done after high winds and thunderstorms. It will protect your grass from damage. 
  • Your fake turf needs to be rinsed monthly, if not weekly. You can use cool and clean water to remove dust or pollen. Rinsing won’t have to be frequent if you are living in an area of heavy rainfall because rainfall will do the rinsing. 
  • Brush the grass fibers against the grain in high traffic. It will keep the fibers strong and fresh.

As mentioned before, you should do these steps at least monthly, if not weekly.