Replacing Lawn with Artificial Grass [But Why?]

Thinking of replacing your real lawn with artificial grass? You are on the right page then!

We have written down 3 main reasons why you should replace  lawn with artificial grass. Let’s find out!

Replacing  Lawn with Artificial Grass 

There are several reasons to replace your real/natural grass with fake turf and we have listed down 3 main reasons for you. 

Artificial grass has many benefits over real lawns. For example

  • It does not require regular upkeep
  • It saves a lot of your money and water.
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It is child & pet friendly.
  • It does not need mowing or trimming, saves your electricity bills
  • It does not get any bugs or flies hence no need for insecticides or pesticides. 
  • It is waterproof hence no muddy patches and much more.

Why should I Replace A Real Lawn?

There are certain signs and symptoms which show that you should replace lawn with artificial grass-like

  • Discoloration: You might notice patches of discoloration due to poor watering or diseases.
  • Poor Drainage: you might notice your lawn gets soggy due to poor water pooling.
  • Weeds:  It is self-explanatory.
  • Bald Sports: you might notice some areas where grass doesn't grow, these are bald sports. It may be because of soil quality or any disease.

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Reasons to Replace Real Lawn

1. Appearance 

Fake turf gives a feel of real and green-looking grass. it is soft, versatile, resilient, and does not go uneven or overgrow. It comes in a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. Hence it got you all covered. 

2. Drainage

Drainage is a very important factor. Fake grass has excellent drainage properties if it is installed properly as poor installation leads to drainage problems. If you are replacing your lawn due to flooding problems, it is always recommended to first level down your ground before laying artificial grass.

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3. Climate

Artificial grass can withstand any climate as the climate is a huge factor when choosing landscaping and lawn options. Despite the weather conditions, fake turf always remains green and soft all year round.