Real Grass vs Artificial Grass for Dogs

If you want your outdoor living area to look nice, you need to consider grass lawns because they will create an aesthetic view for you and your entire family. There is only one question, “Real Grass vs Artificial Grass for Dogs” —which one is best?

This article will introduce you to the differences between artificial and natural lawns to help you pick what your home needs. Artificial grass is a perfect way to add beauty and value to your home, especially if you have pets. It’s essential to choose the right type. Pet turf is the perfect choice for dog owners who want to enjoy the lush, green look natural grass offers while keeping their pets healthy, safe and happy.

Real Grass vs Artificial Grass for Dogs 

Maintaining an ideal lawn with a new puppy in the family can be challenging. Even as your dog moves through its life stages, your lawn may be the victim of digging and burning.

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So, what type of grass will work best for your furry friend? This blog shows the Real Grass vs Artificial Grass for Dogs debate!

Artificial Grass

The promise of a low-maintenance lifestyle free from worry gets many people wondering – should we go artificial?

The advantages of Synthetic Grass are:

  • Clean, safe, durable & visually appealing
  • It doesn’t require as much care as water, sun, fertilization etc
  • Dog’s urine doesn’t stain the grass
  • More challenging for your dog to dig up
  • It will not get muddy during winter/wet months as it has a specially designed, inbuilt drainage system
  • Dogs unable to ingest the synthetic grass

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Real Grass
Many people want to feel real grass under their feet.

The advantages of Real Grass are:

  • Cheaper to install
  • Stays cool throughout the year
  • Easily breaks down
  • Not likely to trap smells or stains
So why choose artificial grass over real grass?
  • The artificial turf surface is made of multiple layers of interwoven fabric and polyethylene fibers, making it durable and non-absorbent. It means that liquids like urine cannot be absorbed into the turf.
  • An odor-absorbing infill is used on pet turf installations to keep the area fresh.
  • The turf and the underlayment are designed to withstand heavy canine use, which also helps reduce the amount of mud and other debris that gets tracked into the house.
  • Pet turf provides your pet with the benefits of a real lawn, without the upkeep, dead spots, smells and messiness.

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