Does Artificial Grass Burn Dogs Paws?

This summer, most customers want to know: Does Artificial Grass Burn Dogs Paws? Artificial grass is not too hot for dogs. It is not as cool as natural grass but doesn't radiate heat like other surfaces. It ensures a dog can walk on artificial grass without burning its paws.

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This blog will get all the essential information about 'Does Artificial Grass Burn Dogs Paws? How can you prevent your dog's paws this summer? 

Does Artificial Grass Burn Dogs Paws?

It is the best way to ensure the dog stays healthy and its paws don't get uncomfortable. However, the turf will be lukewarm in most cases, even when it is burning hot outside.

Pet owners should only be worried if they're buying low-quality artificial turf not designed for higher temperatures. Another place to pay attention to is the infill. Low-quality artificial grass that uses material like crumb rubber infill can absorb heat quickly, possibly hurting your dog's paws when they go outside.

What to look for when buying artificial grass for dogs?

Does artificial grass get hot? It might be if it's made with low-quality materials like rubber infill. It will heat up in sunlight but not hot enough to burn your dog's paws.

These are the features you should consider when buying artificial turf for dogs (and, of course, to make your life easier as a dog owner). You need to make sure you make the right choice when spending the money to install artificial grass.

  • Pile height and density
  • Consider drainage capabilities
  • Fiber material
  • Texture
  • Choose the right infill

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Final Thoughts

Artificial grass is ideal for families with pets, but natural grass lawns create more problems than they provide solutions. Today's synthetic lawns are made from high-quality materials that are pet-safe, drain water quickly and are undiggable. The Artificial Grass Company UK design, supply, and install artificial lawns to help you develop your dream garden without the hassle and frustration of having to clean dogs paws dirt off your floors and furniture.