Is Artificial Grass Hot for Dogs?

Many tend to lean towards artificial grass as a turf choice for their lawns. You, too, might consider renovating your lawn with quality artificial grass. Yes, it can make your lawn look vibrant and beautiful, but can artificial grass withstand the hot summer days? What about our furry friends? How does artificial grass hold up to dogs? Is Artificial Grass Hot for Dogs during summer? How to control artificial grass temperature for dogs?

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So, Is artificial grass Hot for Dogs? It can, but you can keep down this risk by buying high-quality grass, ensuring your dog has plenty of shade (dehydration is another risk to think about) and helping your dog and turf cool off with plenty of water.

Is Artificial Grass Hot for Dogs?

Artificial grass offers a wide variety of benefits in comparison to living lawns. However, artificial grass doesn't maintain the same moisture level as live grass. Some synthetic materials can heat up in sunlight, posing potential risks to animals and people without footwear. 

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That said, artificial turf has come a long way since its inception. Pet owners should only be worried if they're buying low-quality artificial turf not designed for higher temperatures. Another place to pay attention is infill. Low-quality artificial grass that uses material like crumb rubber infill can absorb heat quickly, adding to the risk that your dog might hurt their paws.


If you're a dog owner interested in artificial grass for your lawn, porch, or patio, your little friend will thank you for getting artificial grass that Doesn't make Artificial Grass Hot for Dogs. You can also enjoy the classic grass with a more natural look. All our grass is made with heat reduction technology to keep your grass cool and maintains the artificial grass temperature for dogs.

With our artificial grass, you don't have to select between the safety and the looks of your lawn. It simply has it all!