Moles Under Artificial Grass - 3 Reasons

First off, it's pretty unlikely to have moles under artificial grass. As long as it is kept free of dirt and trash accumulations, our artificial grass products don't offer livability for moles and germs to flourish. The same approach used to treat moles in other contexts can be used to treat any rare cases of moles.

Is it possible to have moles under artificial grass-3 Reasons? 

Moles dislike artificial lawns and usually won't dig beneath them. Moles have difficulties under artificial lawns since the base is not the best environment for food supplies.

Read out to get the reasons.

1- Food on top

If we have some food on top of our artificial grass, there are some chances to have moles under artificial grass. So, keep the artificial grass free from food items to prevent moles.

2- Dirty grass

Another issue that causes trouble is dirty items; dirty grass creates a chance to have moles under artificial grass. To keep your artificial grass dirt free and head off moles.

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3-Already existence of moles under artificial grass

If a mole was present in the previous natural grass and you didn't eradicate it before putting in the artificial turf, it could do a lot of harm. The artificial grass will ultimately collapse as the mole emerges above ground and digs beneath it.

Use a hard-core basis when installing artificial grass in an area where moles are a known problem to stop them from digging tunnels. or employ a "mole barrier."

How do you define mole barriers?

Dig a ditch two to three feet deep to act as a barrier. Next, add rocks or a wire mesh to fill it.


A compassionate solution to a mole infestation that prevents moles from returning and undoes the harm they have caused is to install artificial grass. When the earth has been disturbed and brought to the surface by mole holes and tunnels, it can be challenging to reseed grass. Adding artificial grass can level the ground, construct a stable drainage base, and enjoy a magnificent, lush lawn all year long.