What Is The Best Underlay For Artificial Grass & Why?

Most people contemplate purchasing fake grass initially by thinking about how it will appear in their garden. Although we have a wide selection of artificial grass colors and designs, it is only the top layer of the picture. The artificial grass company UK is the best artificial grass underlay supplier that takes care of the entire product, from the underlay to the tip of each synthetic grass blade.

You can be confident that the underlay you get from us is of the highest caliber and will make your garden appear beautiful.

Why We Need the Best Underlay for Artificial Grass

There are several other factors to consider when applying an artificial grass foam underlay, and in this post, we'll examine some of its advantages. Go down and get it all.
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Protection from injuries

It surpasses the chances of head injury. Every year, 200,000 kids suffer injuries from playground fall, and 40,000 need medical attention. In these situations, a foam underlay for your lawn is crucial since it will raise the surface's critical fall height and provide protection against head impacts. Fall impact will be absorbed by the foam's soft, resilient nature, lowering the risk of catastrophic damage.

The environmentally safe best  underlay for artificial grass

Additionally, the softness will make the environment safe and offer better protection for you and your family. But a foam of best underlay for artificial grass will lessen the severity of potential injuries and make the atmosphere safer for kids to play, so parents won't have to worry about them.

Monetary Advantage 

The ability to save money is another advantage of applying a foam underlay for fake turf is the ability to save money. Excavating 75-100mm below the finished height of a new lawn is usual for installing artificial grass. This permits the installation of an MOT Type 1 sub-base between 50 and 75 mm deep and a laying course that is 25 mm thick and is made of 0 to 6 mm of granite dust. 

The foam shock pad makes your grass feel incredibly soft underfoot and hides any roughness or lumps in the ground. We've discussed the advantages of using foam underlay when remodelling concrete or decks. Still, a foam underlay will also be a terrific addition to a typical artificial grass, even though it's unnecessary.

However, you must pick a high-quality foam if you consider installing a foam shock pad beneath your artificial lawn.

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