5m Wide Artifical Grass [Best Size]

Not sure which artificial grass width will work best on your lawn? Like many other products, artificial grass is available in various sizes and forms, and it's not always clear which one is best for you. Well, we have all the details you require to ensure that you get the appropriate width of artificial grass for your yard design. It's crucial to remember that the 5m wide artifical grass would be best suited for larger areas because it would be simpler to install and produce less waste.

Do dimensions matter in installing artificial?

Benefits of choosing a 5m wide artifical grass [Best Size]

With increasing awareness about the benefits of artificial grass, more people are choosing this option for transforming their residential and commercial landscape; standard widths for our artificial grass are 2 meters, 4 meters, and 5 meters. But we recommend you to choose 5m wide artifical grass because it ensures that more extensive gardens require fewer joints, resulting in less waste. We will discuss this in the blog's following section.

1- Easy and Rapid Installation

Using artificial grass that is 5m in width may cover more area while requiring fewer joints. The installation becomes quicker and more accessible by minimizing the sum of joins needed, which can result in time savings and possibly lower installation costs if you have opted to engage a professional to complete the task.

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2- Merits of 5m wide artificial grass

You might wonder what the advantages of broader fake grass widths are when you can join rolls. The benefits of this size are substantial, especially if you have an extra volume. No matter whether you have a cat, dog or any other pet at home, artificial grass with extra volume is ideal for all. Pets love the soft touch and fluffiness of the artificial grass.

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3-Economic Advantages

Using artificial grass that is 5m wide artifical grass typically results in fewer joins being needed because more ground is covered.

While less wastage saves you money because you won't be paying for a portion of the product, you won't consume. The 5m wide also benefits the environment. It will lessen the quantity that it throws away. It is a win-win scenario.