Artificial‌ ‌Grass‌ ‌vs ‌Pavers‌ ‌-‌ ‌Which‌ ‌one‌ ‌is‌ ‌better?‌

Artificial grass is not only the best alternative for real lawns but you can also cover concrete with your fake turf. Artificial grass has many applications and laying synthetic grass on top of old concrete, patios paving slabs and block paving is very common. It’s time to say goodbye to ugly paving stones and hello to artificial grass!

One might be wondering the real difference between artificial grass vs pavers - which one is better? Let’s examine the difference between artificial grass and pavers!

Artificial Grass vs Pavers

Artificial grass is lightweight and maintenance-free. You won’t be getting any mud patches, or won’t be spending any money on regular watering and mowing. It is easy to handle and keep your garden looking fresh and green all year round. 

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Everyone wants to have a fresh and green garden where they can sit and make themselves relaxed and content. You can transform your dull and old-looking garden into a beautiful and radiant lawn. 

Taking into account the real difference between artificial grass vs pavers, concrete looks quite ugly and unattractive. Fake grass is the best way to make it look more stylish, fresh, and feel comfortable. 

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Artificial grass, when installed properly, has a far better drainage system as compared to concrete and block paving. It enables the water to flow smoothly because of the drainage holes in the turf. 

You can also lay fake grass in sections on concrete slabs. It will again create a unique look for your lawn. 

Laying Artificial Grass on Concrete/Stone

Laying artificial grass on the concrete layer is a bit tough as compared to laying it on the soil layer. But it will provide a solid layer to hold the grass but making your concrete layer smooth before laying is always recommended. 

You can also lay an underlay to keep the layer smoother and it will hold grass more firmly.