Can we BBQ on Artificial grass?

Can we BBQ on Artificial grass?

It’s almost the British summertime across the UK, and everyone is preparing their garden to entertain their friends and family. In June, it is a perfect time to maintain your garden to have long summer evenings, invite your friends and enjoy the never-ending gatherings. But with all this fancy-ness, there is a frequently asked question; can we BBQ on artificial grass?

Planning on having a barbeque night with your family, chucking a few burgers and sausages on the BBQ is always fun and having a perfect and comfortable lawn to enjoy the smell of charcoal and sizzling beef drift across fences is a must. 

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But hosting a BBQ on artificial grass is of main concern here. You may question, is it safe to host a BBQ on artificial grass? Can artificial grass melt or catch fire? Is artificial grass fire-proof?

In the following blog, we will answer all your questions regarding hosting BBQ on artificial grass, so let’s read through!

BBQ on Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is made from high-quality synthetic material. This material is fire resistant and will not catch fire. But precautions must be taken to ensure everything goes smoothly. We always recommend you never expose your synthetic grass to a naked flame. 

Exposing or placing any material, for example, grills, patio heaters, barbeque, etc, on your fake grass can result in the melting of turf. Sometimes fake grass can melt in severe temperatures but it is less likely to happen. 

If you have sand-filled artificial grass installed, then you don’t need to worry because sand acts as a fire extinguisher and will help to prevent any kind of damage to your fake lawn.

Position of Barbeque on Artificial Grass 

Placing your barbeque grill at a certain level is always recommended. You should be careful about the area under the barbeque grill and the area around it. 

Using an elevated barbeque grill will help to transfer the heat coming out of the grill. In case, if the grill is set up on the grass, the heat coming out of the grill will more likely to burn the grass underneath and can cause a disaster at once. So the position of your barbeque grill is very important. 

Other Spills and Repairing Artificial Grass

It is very easy to clean other spills like ketchup or any other stains of your grass, just take a wet piece of cloth and wipe it off gently. You can further wash that piece of grass instantly, and the water will drain through the holes. 

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Talking about repairing damaged fake grass, it is not that easy at all. You have to replace that piece of grass with a new synthetic lawn. Once the artificial grass is damaged, there is no way of repairing it.