Common Ways to avoid Damaging Artificial Turf

Artificial grass gives a perfect look to your lawn. It is extremely durable and hardwearing. It can hold up to many years as compared to natural grass. But with all benefits, there are some common ways people damage fake turf and we will tell you some ways on how you can avoid artificial grass damage

Avoid Artificial Grass Damage

We are here, to talk about how artificial grass is damaged and what are the certain ways to prevent it from happening? Read along! 

Common Ways People Damage Artificial Grass

No doubt, artificial grass is lovely. If you have recently installed artificial grass then you would do anything to avoid artificial grass damage. To have green & fresh-looking grass in your outdoors, it is very important to treat your grass with great care.

Fire & Extreme Heat

The first & foremost common way by which people damage their artificial grass is a fire or extreme heat. As artificial turf is made from high-quality synthetic plastics, there is a high chance that fibers can burn with extreme heat. 

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Un-doubtingly, high-quality artificial grass is fire-resistant but you should keep cigarettes and grills away. Highly focused sunlight reflected from a window can also burn the artificial grass fibers.


Chewing gums, oil-based substances, and adhesives are also some common ways that damage artificial grass. These substances should be kept away from artificial grass. Oil-based substances when spilled on grass, can cause chemical damage. 

Chewing gum is another thing that hurts. Of course, a single piece won’t damage your fake lawn, but we always recommend removing the gum using a knife or piece of ice. 

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Sharp Edges

Sharp edges can also cause damage to your grass. Before investing in your new furniture, make sure your furniture feet are artificial grass friendly. 

Sharp edges have the potential to rip through turf substrate. We also recommend checking the weight of your furniture before putting it on your artificial grass. Sometimes the heavy weight of the furniture can damage the structural layers of synthetic grass, so you should avoid that.