Artificial Grass Pile Direction [ Does it Matter]

Some of our customers asked, ‘Why Does Pile Direction Matter’? Artificial Grass Pile direction is essential to your grass having that realistic, natural look.

Does your artificial turf need to be laid in a certain way? The answer is yes, and this is where pile direction comes into play. We’ll look at pile direction, why it matters, and how to ensure your artificial turf is fitted in the best position to get that perfect natural-looking lawn.

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Pile direction refers to the order in which the edge of each artificial grass roll faces. When unrolling your lawn before installation, you will notice the edges should all lean in the same direction on the roll. This direction should help you align your lawn rolls, laying them with the pile leaning in the same direction across each roll.

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Artificial Grass Pile Direction [Does it Matter]

After the manufacturing process, the individual blades of the Artificial Grass will all lean in one direction. As the Artificial Grass is rolled away from you, all the blades of grass will point towards you. So the Pile Direction will always be perpendicular to the width.

Don’t lay the pile direction in two different ways!

Pile Direction is very important in the appearance of your lawn. If you have a section of your artificial grass lawn in a different pile direction, the join will stand out and look like a patchwork quilt!

Make sure the pile direction is consistent.

You have to ensure that the blades of artificial grass are leaning in the same direction if installing two or more rolls, as this will give your artificial lawn a much more natural finish.

In which direction should the pile lean?

We recommend having the pile leaning towards the house for the best effect: our most common viewpoint. The reason being is that this will reflect the light much less and not cause your artificial lawn to be shiny. However, most of our grasses may also be laid side on if this is more economical for you.

Hopefully, we’ve cleared your doubts on the artificial grass pile direction. However, if you still have questions you need to answer, get in touch with one of our artificial grass specialists, who will be happy to assist.