Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Tarmac

No need to look more if you’re searching for artificial grass for playgrounds and existing tarmac and concrete areas! You can Lay Artificial Grass on Tarmac as you like.

There are several uses for artificial grass, with a lawn replacement in a backyard being the most obvious. The correct method will, of course, depend upon the application.

Artificial grass can be placed on top of plain old concrete, block paving and even patio slabs.

This guide will explain how you can lay artificial grass on tarmac.

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Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Tarmac?

The following are things you should consider before putting artificial grass over tarmac.

Whilst tarmac is an excellent base. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just putting the grass over the concrete. The main problem you need to be ready for is drainage. If your tarmac has serious cracks or breaks, it’s best to break the tarmac down and assume a course of action for putting artificial grass onto existing grass. If you have tiny cracks, you can level these out using a primary self-leveling substance from any DIY shop and follow the instructions below for laying artificial turf on tarmac.


Tarmac is extremely harder than natural grass. Although our artificial grass is soft and comfy, you would still feel the difference between it and natural grass if you laid it on concrete and fell on it.

Before You Proceed

Once you have a great even base with no puddling or cracks, you will have to clean the tarmac. If you have a jet washer, it would be a great idea to do an intensive clean and allow it to dry. It will eliminate debris and allow the foam underlay to adhere to the concrete correctly.

Installing the Underlay

The first thing you need to do is to put the shock pad. Protect the different pieces of underlay together and then glue each part, if needed.

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Installing the Lawn

Laying the artificial grass follows the same procedure as installing the underlay. The lawn will have to be cut to size.

The Finishing Stages

When your lawn is clean, you can start to spread the sand. Apply it in segments to make an even layer. When you have an even layer, use a stiff natural bristle brush and work the sand into the lawn. Brushing it against the grain of the fibers will inspire the grass to remain to stand and look more realistic.