Top Myths about Artificial Grass | The Artificial Grass Company Uk

With the increase in demand, Artificial grass has become perfect for those who want a beautiful garden for their homes. Is it too expensive or bad for the environment? Is it just a sports thing which needs high maintenance? All these myths about artificial grass may be stopping you from choosing fake turf for your next project. Let’s head to it!

Is Artificial Grass Real or Fake?

First and foremost, the myth about artificial grass is whether it’s real or fake. Artificial grass may have looked fake or unreal when it was first created. As a result, many people have no idea what artificial grass really looks like. But with time it has greatly improved. People are pleasantly surprised about the quality of the synthetic grass that is available today. People who have never seen fake grass should take some time to visit our showroom. Once they do, most of them will be convinced. 

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Is Artificial Grass Too Expensive?

Another myth about artificial turf is “it is too expensive due to its installation cost and maintenance”. But artificial turf has proved to be highly cost-effective and requires less maintenance in the long run as compared to real grass.  

Is Artificial Grass Difficult To Maintain?

Maintaining fake grass is too difficult, another myth. Artificial grass is much easier to maintain than natural grass. It does not require frequent watering, feeding, fertilizing, and mowing. You will simply remove leaf litter and debris using a leaf blower, or plastic rake. When turf gets dirty and requires cleaning, hose it down using a light detergent and a stiff brush.

 Is Artificial Grass Good For Pets?

The next myth about fake turf is “it is not suitable for dogs”. Well, dogs love to play on artificial turf as much as on natural grass, but without destroying your garden. There can be no digging holes or spoilt by muddy patches, in the house whenever the dog goes out in the garden. Fake turf is also non-toxic, hygiene and it won’t be discolored by urine, which means no stains on your lush green grass at all.

Is Artificial Grass Eco-friendly?

One more myth about Fake grass is “it is not eco-friendly”. Whereas it does not need to be watered or a lawnmower like natural grass. This makes your turf better for the environment. Additionally, synthetic grass does not require any fertilizer or pesticides.  Therefore, an artificial lawn does not cause any harm to the environment, and it is eco-friendly. 

 Is Artificial Grass Used Only For Sports?

One of the old myths about artificial grass is “it is just a sports thing”. Luckily, synthetic grass is much more versatile than natural grass. It comes in a variety of colors, styles, and pile heights to choose from. It is highly durable and soft.

No doubt, at first it was used for football pitches. But now it can be seen in the garden, balcony, terrace, in bars and restaurants, offices, schools, and around pools and it looks stunning. 

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Artificial Grass has poor drainage?

It is a myth that artificial grass has poor drainage. Fake grass is unbelievably fast draining. It has fantastic drainage properties if installed correctly.  It will even dry quicker than natural grass.

Its drainage time of up to 60 liters per minute means it doesn’t take long to dry out, so you can get back out in the garden in no time at all.