How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

Are you ready for your next project? But before that you might think how long does artificial grass lastArtificial grass has become a valuable investment for homeowners, business and it is an excellent choice. But nothing lasts forever, of course. For how many years your synthetic grass is going to last, it all depends upon how it is being used or what type of product you have chosen for your garden.  

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How long does Artificial Grass last?

Artificial grass is a valuable addition to your comfortable space, made from high quality and durable material. We are going to tell you how long artificial grass lasts, make sure to read the lines below!

Artificial Grass is long-lasting

Artificial grass is made from synthetic fibers which are fire and heat resistant. The synthetic material is strong and long-lasting. That is why fake turf can withstand heavy wear & tear. But one thing to be careful of is that it can get damaged by fire so precaution is must. 

Artificial Grass Drainage Problems; You Should Know

To answer how long artificial grass lasts, solely depends upon the artificial grass manufacturers. Mostly, fake lawn manufacturer’s offer a variety of fake grass depending upon its lifespan. Depending on how fake grass is being used, its lifespan range is given between 10 to 20 years. 

Artificial Grass Material

Nylon, polyethylene & polypropylene are the materials that are being used to manufacture artificial grass. These materials are also being used in preparing a mesh backing for fake grass to hold everything. 

One thing that also affects your fake lawn life is the proper infill. If you are using fake turf for lawn and patios, we recommend you to go for sand and silicon based infill. Rubber infill is best for cushioning and mostly used for recreational areas or playgrounds. 

Unlike real lawns, artificial grass requires little maintenance. You don’t need to spend hours on its maintenance. 


The simple reasons to answer; how long does artificial grass last are fake turf material and its maintenance.