The Range of Fake Grass For Home Renovation!

It is the most frequently asked question by homeowners; which grass should they use for their home renovation. In this article, we are going to tell you about the range of fake grass you need for your green home renovation. Let’s dive in! 

The Range of Fake Grass

Artificial grass has many benefits and surely, it can be used for home renovation. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, you can either install it on existing natural grass or on a plain floor. 

But before choosing either of the above options, you need to know what type of fake grass you need for your home. Before going into details visit our best sellers now!

The Artificial Grass Company UK

We provide the best artificial grass ranges which are far better than real-looking grass as they give a natural & real look. Our grass ranges are easy to maintain, give a feel of comfort, available in different thicknesses depending upon your needs, and are ever-lasting. In short, our grass ranges are an ideal option for you and for your family including your pets.

Green Home Renovation With Fake Grass

The range of fake grass available at The Artificial Grass Company Uk for home improvement includes budget, Deluxe value, and Luxury ranges. 

1. Budget Range

Our budget range comprises Willow 7mm Artificial Grass and Green Ash 20mm Artificial Grass. This range is perfect for those who have a budget but don’t want to miss out on great quality. 

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2. Deluxe Range

Our Deluxe Range includes grass thicknesses with 32mm, 37mm, and 42mm artificial grass. For people who prefer a neat and well-maintained look in their garden, our Deluxe range is their ideal option. It is our most popular range, being pet-friendly and having high-quality specifications.

3. Luxury Range

Birch 37mm and Royale 42mm luxury range is best for your indoors and outdoors. It is soft, gives a feel of comfort, and real and green-looking artificial grass gives a wow effect under your feet.

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