Artificial Grass Creases [5 Steps to Remove Them]

Got a crease on your fake grass? What to do now? Don’t worry at all! The Artificial Grass Company UK has got your back. Creases, lines, or wrinkles on fake turf is a normal thing. When you buy large grass rolls, it’s quite normal that it has lines or creases because of tightly packed packaging and yes, it’s not defective. These lines and creases can be easily fixed as we have written down the 5 easy steps for you on how to remove artificial grass creases

Artificial Grass Creases

There are multiple reasons that cause lines or creases, for example, it's either because of running it through the cutting machine, the product has been tightly packed, or reverse rolling, or harsh environmental conditions. 

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One of the main reasons for artificial grass creases is the poor installation of your fake grass. It should be noted that whenever you buy a grass roll to lay in your garden, it should be laid flat for at least 24 - 48 hours prior to installation. It will reduce the chances of creases by softening the turf backing. 

These 5 easy steps are as follows:

1. Right Infill

Infill before installing fake turf is a very important step. It will help prevent any wrinkles or creases. To avoid lines, you should use the right amount of infill under your synthetic grass, mostly sand silica is recommended. 

2. Rest Your Artificial Grass for 1-2 days

After buying your required piece of fake grass, let it rest for 1-2 days, at least 12 hours is recommended. It will help soften the turf backing and ultimately reduce the risk of creases.

3. Ensure the Weed membrane is laid flat

You need to make sure the weed membrane is laid flat and smooth. There should be no folds and it is fully flattened and stretched out.

4. Brush the affected area

Heat can make your grass look lumpy. You should brush the affected area to prevent the lines and smoothen the grass. 

5. Secure your grass properly

Lastly, make sure you secure your grass properly at the edges. You can use galvanized nails to secure the entire perimeter of your lawn. 

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