How Long Does Artificial Grass Last UK?

Do you want to know: How long does artificial grass last UK? Artificial grass comes in various styles, textures and colours. Some people are sceptical about how long artificial turf stays because they don't understand the differences between different types. This blog will discuss how long artificial grass lasts and what factors to consider when deciding on artificial grass for your lawn?

How long does artificial grass last UK

The majority of artificial grass products have a warranty from the manufacturer. If you have a manufacturing defect with your lawn, the manufacturer will repair or replace it for free.

Most warranties cover how long the product lasts and looks, but they do not cover damage caused by wear and tear over time. 

The Artificial Grass Uk’s artificial grass is durable and long-lasting. It's made of polyethylene, a synthetic material that is very strong and durable, but some products can last as long as 20 years! Good installation, proper care, and, most importantly, is a trustable brand of artificial grass will last you at least ten years if fitted correctly.

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What affects the lifespan of artificial grass?

All artificial grass is not equal. As with most products, wide varieties use different materials and processes. It all impacts the quality, which dictates part of the lifespan.

Equality right artificial grass depends on the blade material and the backing material. Cheap artificial grass will have poor single-layer backing, which means that over time it will gradually come loose, and the grass will lose its luscious thickness. Quality artificial grass will be double layered on the back and will most likely mention its backing properties in the description.

If your still thinking: How long does artificial grass last? Simply, artificial grass will last as long as you take care of it. The key to success is proper installation and maintenance.  

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