Can We Lay Artificial Grass Without Sub Base?

Can We Lay Artificial Grass without sub base? It is the most frequently asked question by homeowners. This article will tell you about the advantages of the sub-base you need for your green home renovation. Let's dive in! 

Can We Lay Artificial Grass without sub base?

Artificial grass has many benefits; ideal for home renovations. If you want to upgrade your home, you can install it on existing natural grass or on the plain floor. But before choosing either of the above options, You need to know what subbase is and why you need it for artificial grass.

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What is a Sub Base?

The sub base is one of the most important steps when laying artificial grass. It protects the lawn from the ground, prevents water from entering it, prevents weeds from growing, and helps prevent sinking.

Sub bases come in different shapes and sizes depending on what type of surface you need to cover with your new synthetic lawn. Many materials are best for sub-bases, but for this article, we will focus on using sand or gravel as our base material because they are cheap and easy to find.

The benefits of installing a sub base for artificial grass:

The most significant benefits of the sub-base are Durability and longevity, drainage, weed prevention and an even surface.

  • A sub-base is usually installed below the ground to support the weight of your artificial grass installation. 
  • It can also help prevent damage to your lawn from heavy foot traffic or pets walking on it.
  • The best sub bases have drainage holes at their base so that excess moisture drains away from your lawn.

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So; if you want to lay Artificial Grass without sub base, your lawn will begin to sink. Incorrect drainage will make this issue more significant.

Moreover, the problem will be worse if you use a cheap alternative to laying a sub-base, which may not have the correct drainage properties needed for laying artificial grass.

Final Thought:

To sum up, laying artificial grass without a sub-base may cause problems in the long term. It is important to consider all options available when installing your new lawn and choose one that best fits for your needs.