Cleaning up Garden in Spring [Clean-up Checklist]

Are you a gardener and crazy about cleaning up the garden in spring? Get your notebook and note down the following checklist to clean your garden, don’t forget to check all the boxes as well!

We all know that spring can be overwhelming for everyone, that is why we have developed this checklist with some additional tips and tricks that you must follow. Let’s head to it…

Cleaning up the Garden in Spring

Cleaning your garden not only increases the garden aesthetically but also reduces the potential of getting certain diseases and weeds growing. All the stems, and dead leaves littering around not only make your garden look bad but also harbor fungus spores that cause major issues later. 

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So, to get rid of these problems, it’s always the best idea to keep your garden disease-free by cleaning up. 

Remove the dead leaves and dirt

The first thing to do is to remove the dead stems, leaves, and dirt. Cut down the dead plants including ornamental grasses and perennials that weren’t cut back last fall season. 

Prune woody flowers and plants

To limit the winter damage and enhance the plants to grow new flowers, don’t forget to prune woody and shrubby plants.   

Trim the perennial plants

Make sure you trim the edges of evergreen or semi-evergreen plants like Epimedium, hellebores, heuchera, etc. These plants will need tidying-up every spring season as they never go dormant. 

Remove winter mulch

Don’t forget to remove the inert mulch as the temperature gets a little warm. It is also recommended to remove any type of winter protection you added in fall like any windscreens, plant cones, burlap wraps, etc. 

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Brush back leaves on top of plants

Make sure to brush back the leaves on top of plants. You can also lay mulch at the top of your leaves if you want.

Clean up your vegetable beds

Clean up your vegetable beds as well. For that, try to remove as much of the roots and plant debris off your veggie bed. 

Pull the weeds and edge your garden beds

Lastly, pull the weeds and edge your garden. As the ground is wet because of the snow season, it is easy to pull out the weeds. Edging your garden beds will give a fine look by removing stray grass. 

These are the essential things to do while cleaning up the garden in spring