Can you Hoover Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass has become a popular choice and there are plenty of reasons for it. No doubt, artificial grass is maintenance free and saves you a lot of money when installed in your garden. With that being said, people still have so many questions in their minds when they talk about artificial grass. One of the most common questions that pop up is can they hoover artificial grass?

Hoover Artificial Grass

You can replace your dull and worn-out natural grass with artificial turf and completely enjoy your dream grass as it eliminates the need of regular mowing and trimming. Of course, you want your grass to look super green and lush, that's why you are keen to know about the maintenance. 

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Answering the original question, yes, you can vacuum or hoover your artificial grass. It’s a quick and simple fix to remove excess leaves and plant litter. However, we don’t recommend using a vacuum or hoovering your artificial grass at all.

Can I Use a Vacuum to Clean My Artificial Grass?

Here’s a quick question: Is it recommended to use your high intense home vacuum to clean your grass? No, you don’t want to damage your grass fibers or grass infill. 

It may not be the best to use a vacuum, particularly a powerful one used in your home. This could suck up and remove the grass fibers, potentially ruining the strands of grass. Hoovering your synthetic turf will increase the damage which means you have to do the repairing frequently.

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Using a vacuum can also damage your turf infill. Infills are laid to provide a natural cushion to the fake turf surface. Regular hoovering can damage the infill, causing the sagging condition of grass and loss of its natural springy feel. 

Just make sure it does not happen otherwise it will impact the overall look of your garden as infill is important to lay under synthetic lawn.

What alternative do we have to hoover Artificial Grass?

1- You can do the hoovering of your fake turf by hand in order to keep it looking clean.

2- You can also brush dirt, debris and leaves off your lawn.

3- To keep your turf clean and tidy, you can also use leaf blowers, specially designed for this purpose. 

It will help to clear away the leaves and dirt as you wish without damaging your grass. We hope this blog helped you a lot with your question about hoovering your grass.