How Do You Hide Artificial Grass Seams?

When you decide to upgrade your garden to make it look more inviting, at the same time, You don’t want seams in your lawn. Artificial Grass seams are a place where two pieces of artificial turf are joined together. It might sound like a simple procedure. Hold the two pieces, line them up, give them a pat or two, and presto! A perfect seam. "Unfortunately, it's more complicated than that. It's one of the most challenging parts of installing artificial grass and takes quite a bit of practice to become proficient at it. If the two pieces of grass overlap or are too far apart by even a little, the outcome will be a visible line or lines in the grass.

How Do You Hide Artificial Grass Seams?

When deciding to install synthetic grass, it is essential to research and only hire companies who have proven experience with a successful installation. Here, we recommend the most qualified contractors and also share the best tips for an excellent installation.

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There are two main ways to secure Artificial Grass Seams in artificial grass. 

Method 1: Tape and glue.

Method 2: Pegs.

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Method 1

Tape and glue involve applying glue to a strip of specialized tape that runs the seam length below both turf parts. Then, both sides are pushed to the glue. Allow the seam to set for around 24 hours before placing a lot of foot traffic on it, as this may undo your careful alignment.

Method 2

Entails are simply nailing in non-galvanized pegs on either side of the seam in a staggered formation. It is also viable, but only for grass that will receive low or medium traffic levels. It might be your best option if you expect your traffic level to be pretty low.

Method 1 is the safest and most costly. Method 2 is inexpensive but sacrifices a bit in the security of the seam. For this reason, we typically recommend method one as the best way to avoid visible seams in artificial grass. Still, a combination of both methods might also work for your application.

NOTE: You can contact our turf experts for additional guidance in selecting the best seaming method. You can also get artificial grass seams products on our website.