Artificial Grass Fitting [Step-to-Step Guide]

We got many queries related to laying artificial grass. Most customers asked, “Can I Lay Artificial Grass on Tarmac, soil, or concrete? Is Artificial grass suitable for our garden? Our answer is always yes, yes, you can. But the most frequent question is artificial grass fitting matter. Again we say Yes, it matters a lot after the underlying fitting is the finishing step.

Without artificial grass fitting, you will never enjoy the grace of artificial grass.

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The artificial grass company UK provides the most delicate grass fitting to create beautiful gardens and landscapes. In this blog, you will find out what you should do to create a perfect lawn with perfect fitting.

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Artificial Grass Fitting [Step-to-Step Guide]

It would help if you always had glue and tape on hand for your fitting. It depends on the size of the area.

Our grass roll widths are available in 2m, 4m & 5m wide rolls. So, if your area is more than 5m wide, you will need to fix two pieces of artificial grass together –and this is where Artificial Grass fitting is required.

Join Edges Together:

To compose the joins of your grass, use our high-quality adhesives and tape, following the instructions on the products. Put the tape (shiny side down) and apply the adhesive before pulling the grass edges together and applying some weight. You can achieve this with plant pots, stones, or other heavy materials.

Trim the Edges

After the settling process is complete, trim the artificial grass around the edges until you have achieved the desired shape.

Pin It Down

When fitting our artificial grass, pin it down using our landscaping pins. If you use a timber frame, you must utilize flat-headed galvanized pegs.

Brush the Grass up and Relax!

Finally, the fiber may be relatively flat from being rolled up, so brush against the pile with a stiff brush to bring the grass fibers straight and upright. Then sit back and enjoy your artificial grass lawn!

The best way to avoid problems down the line is to hire professionals to complete your project for you. Our experts will help you achieve your dream lawn project efficiently and on budget.