Artificial Golf Putting Green Installation Tips

There are so many reasons why artificial grass has been in use for years now. Homeowners and many businesses prefer to use fake grass in their garden, yard, balcony, and rooftop because of its vast variety and resilient nature. Plus, it saves a lot of money in terms of water and electricity bills. Are you thinking of installing artificial grass for putting green? Then you’re on the right page!

We have enlisted down the top 5 artificial golf putting green installation tips just for you. Come read with us!

Artificial Golf Putting Green Installation Tips – Top 5

It always feels nice to do everything on your own but talking about installing fake grass for putting green in your garden, you must know these top 5 tips to ensure a smooth installation.

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Top 5 tips for an artificial golf putting green installation:

1. Putting Green Cups

First comes first, the putting green cups. It is always best to ensure before unrolling your artificial grass, that putting green cups must be set ¼ inch below the surface. They should be too high, or too low. Holes themselves are one of the main features of putting green. It is always recommended to use manually mixed ballast and cement or ready-mix mortar, it will allow the ball to roll in, without moving the cups.

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2. Putting Green Cups Level

It is very important to ensure that green cups are leveled. It can be seen as one of the most significant installation mistakes that people do. Use a boat level by simply placing the level on top of the cup and setting the position when the bubble is in the center and securing it using concrete. 

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3. Cutting in your Putting Green

It should be noted that before unrolling your grass you should remember the approximate positions of the holes. This is because if you haven’t set your grass in the exact position, or you make a mistake while cutting holes in your putting green grass, it means while adjusting, you will have a hole in the unwanted place. Be careful about that!

4. Leave your Grass to Set for 24 Hours!

This seems easy, but it shouldn’t be ignored or skipped. Many people skip this step. It is always recommended that while you unroll your turf, leave it to acclimatize for at least 24 hours. As it is packed tightly, it may have ripples or creases which can be disappeared by setting it free for some time. 

5. Use a Sharp Knife

Lastly, for artificial golf putting green installation tips, it is always recommended to use a sharp knife while cutting the grass. you should be very responsible and one wrong cut can spoil your whole turf.