Will Artificial Grass Rot My Decking?

When asked, "Will Artificial Grass Rot my Decking”? Our answer is usually "no." Plenty of people think installing artificial grass on decking is an excellent way of giving it a new life. When the wood looks rough, investing in artificial grass and creating a new area seems a good idea.

Is your place looking a little boring? You spend hours cleaning and staining your place. Or, you want to install artificial grass on your place, but the question is,  "Will Artificial Grass Rot my Decking”? It’s a durable, high-quality solution that looks great. Artificial grass will not rot your deck, As long as your decking is in good condition.

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Will Artificial Grass Rot my Decking 

You should know the tips to keep your decking looking good with artificial grass.

 Sweep: Try to limit leaf build-up on decking, especially during autumn. You can use your desired cleaning solution on any areas of concern, lightly hose off the grass fibres to rinse and remove dust or debris.

Clean: Regular care of artificial grass can help to ensure that it remains in excellent health over the long term. Rinse your lawn once a week with regular water, and clean it at least once a month.

Pro tip: To keep your grass looking fresh and standing straight, add more infill to your grass. While infill is suggested for landscape grass, it's not required. Without infill, your grass will look matted with heavy foot traffic. 

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Things to Note: Ensure your deck is in good condition before starting. If your decking is rotted, artificial grass installation may be essential. You may need to fix your deck. Alternatively, you could dig out the entire area instead and install artificial grass on the cleared area. If you're worried about drainage, you can drill through the ply and the decking to add extra holes.