Will Artificial Grass Melt

Will Artificial Grass Melt? The answer is yes, most likely. Artificial Grass mimics natural Grass in many ways, and yes, it will melt in extreme heat. However, this blog will explain the causes and solutions to avoid melting artificial Grass.

Will Artificial Grass Melt? The Cause and Solution

Artificial Grass is thermoplastic and will melt. It's not something you need to worry about, though. The polyethylene used in artificial Grass has been tested multiple times and found to be stable at temperatures ranging from 100°C to 150°C (212°F–302°F). If your wondering if your lawn will melt under normal circumstances, don't worry—it won't!

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Artificial Grass should not be placed under direct sunlight; this exposure can cause it to fade faster than natural turf. Also, remember that some brands may use different types of polyethylene for their products; therefore, one brand's product might melt faster than another. So, if you're looking to install artificial Grass on your lawn, ensure you get a desirable product for heat tolerance. Here you can trust The Artificial Grass UK.

How can you prevent your artificial Grass from melting?
  • Use high-quality artificial Grass. To prevent your lawn from melting, it's important to use the best quality materials. 
  • Keep your lawn clean and free of debris. The dirtier a lawn gets, the more susceptible it is to losing its colour and becoming discoloured or even turning brown in some cases—which can lead to erosion issues as well as possible damage from UV rays (if left unattended).

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Artificial Grass will not melt under normal circumstances.

Will Artificial Grass Melt? Still, thinking?? If you are using The Artificial Grass UK products, Then no need to worry about your artificial lawn melting. The material used in Artificial Grass is designed to withstand high temperatures, so no matter how hot it gets outside, your lawn will stay cool. If you are worried about this happening, contact us. We can help you keep an eye on things (and even replace parts if necessary).