What sizes does artificial grass comes in? | Artificial grass size

Thinking of installing an artificial lawn in your garden but not sure what the standard sizes of Artificial grass is perfect for your garden? This can be a challenging task to lay your lush green fake grass with exact measurements to fully enjoy your garden view.
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In this blog, we have covered all the information for you to make the right decision about the correct Artificial grass sizes.

Standard Size of Artificial Grass

Our Artificial Grass width rolls come in 2m, or 4m, with a typical length of up to 25m. These widths come for all sized landscapes and you can get synthetic turf according to your garden size. 

Simply measure the width of your garden and get artificially green-fingered. With the perfect artificial grass size installed in your garden, it will give you a stunning view of your house.

Artificial Grass Measurements

Everyone loves their garden area and it’s an aspect of their homes they take pride in, for all seasons. You can make your garden look comfortable and mesmerizing with fresh green Artificial grass in any shape and size. 

As gardens come in all shapes and sizes, we can provide your grass with your desired shape and size. You can use joining tape and adhesives to join the artificial grass.

You can also hire a professional who will give you the assurance that your end result will be as flawless as possible. Professionals can measure your space for you and will provide you exactly what you need. 

Places Where Artificial Grass Can Be Used

Artificial grass is super durable and budget-friendly. With all its benefits, it can be easily maintained as compared to natural grass. It can be used in various residential and commercial places. For example

  • Residential Gardens
  • Balconies
  • Sports grounds
  • Play areas
  • In schools
    Things Required While Installing Artificial Grass

    Installing artificial grass without professional help may be considered tiring work. It requires specific products for a perfect installation. We have written all the essential products that you will need for the installation of your grass as below

    • Hammer
    • Wheelbarrow
    • Grass pegs
    • Screed Bar
    • Sweeping brush having stiff bristles
    • Sand infill Edging
    • Cracker dust
    • P-Off infill for Pets
    Size of Your Artificial Grass

    The size of your fake grass depends upon the length/width of your garden which may be as follows:

    Small Gardens

    Generally, Artificial grass with widths of 2m and 4m is used for small gardens. This width size caters professionally to all small-sized gardens.

    Large-Sized Gardens

    Artificial grass with a width size 5m benefits all the large-sized gardens. With large-sized gardens, it’s important to remember the easier installation of your grass and less waste and 5m would do it all perfectly for large-sized gardens.
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