Clean Artificial Grass | Ways to Make Artificial Turf AdorableClean Artificial Grass | Ways to Make Artificial Turf Adorable

Artificial grass has become a popular choice for homeowners because of its long-lasting property. But one might wonder what is the best way to clean artificial grass?

Fake grass can withstand all types of weather with minimal effort and using fake turf all year round can make it dirty. Therefore you have to do little maintenance like properly cleaning it on a regular basis. Professional cleaning methods over traditional methods should be adopted to use them for years to come.

We are here to tell you about the 4  best ways to clean your fake turf as below:

Clean Artificial Grass

1. Cleaning General Debris From Artificial Grass

One of the best ways to clean artificial grass is that you can remove dust, dirt, leaves, and other bits of debris from your lawn using a flexible lawn rake or a broom with stiff bristles. Try to avoid a brush with steel bristles as this could damage your synthetic turf. A leaf-blower or a broom can be used for leaves, seeds from nearby trees.

Other small-scale biological detritus won’t just break down and sink into the soil of synthetic lawn but it will change the appearance and removing this debris will make your grass appear cleaner and greener.

2. Removing Snow And Ice From Artificial Grass

Next, is to remove the snow and ice from the lawn surface. It is recommended not to use anything metal like shovels as it can damage your synthetic turf. A plastic snow shovel is an ideal solution as this won’t damage the grass when used correctly. 

You should only use a shovel to clear upper levels of thick snow. Salt is also recommended to prevent the formation of ice, as the salt residue can build up and block drainage.

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3. Cleaning Food & Drink Spills From Artificial Grass

Everyone loves outdoor parties and gatherings and they have become more comfortable with the use of synthetic turf in gardens, backyards, balconies, etc. And, spills are bound to happen in such parties. So, don’t rush to mop it up with any harsh chemicals. It can damage or discolor your green lawn.
Washing the spills with water is the best way to clean your grass.  It will keep your turf fresh and fine. For chewing gums, you can use the plastic putty knife to chill the gum and let it slip loose that way. An ice cube can also be used for clearing chewing gum from your artificial lawn.

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4. Cleaning Pet Waste From Artificial Grass

To clean artificial grass when having pets is considered to be a tedious job. The most important thing to do when your pets do choose to go to the toilet on your artificial lawn is to stay calm but to take fast action. Clear away solids as you would on a walk with a bag or scoop.

To clean the liquid waste, it's advisable to rinse the area with water to help drainage and drain the urine from the surface of the grass down into the subbase. This is particularly important if you have multiple dogs or if they like to use the same spot repeatedly.