How to Stop Artificial Grass Getting Hot?

Does artificial grass get hot in extreme heat? Does fake grass get hot in the summer? The answer is yes, most likely. Fake grass mimics real grass in many ways, and yes it can get hotter than natural grass. 

We have enlisted the top 5 ways on how to stop artificial grass getting hot and what you need to know. Let’s find out!

How to Stop Artificial Grass Getting Hot?

Artificial grass gets hot because of the direct sunlight that falls and increases the grass temperature. It usually gets hotter than real grass which sometimes can create a hot ground cover for bare skin to walk and sit on. In extreme cases, this heat can even cause the melting of fake turf.

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The main reason why this happens is because of poor installation of fake turf. When you install artificial grass without heat protection or if it is poorly installed, it will suffer from heat effects. To avoid this scenario, make sure you hire trained installers to do this job.  

Read below 5 different ways:

You can follow these simple tricks and hacks to keep your artificial turf cool. 

  • Always choose a high quality grass product. Premium quality artificial grass will perform well and make you enjoy a cooler place as compared to low quality fake grass. So you need to spend a little more from your pocket in order to enjoy perfect cool grass. 
  • Make sure to use something to block the direct sunlight. For this buy new plants or plant some trees that provide shade for your grass, shade cloths can also be used for this purpose.
  • When grass is installed, how to stop artificial grass getting hot; use a sprinkler system or garden hose to cool down your grass.
  • It is very important to choose a sand infill for your fake turf. Sand will dissipate heat and protect the fibers. 
  • Use a retractable awning. It will help to cast a shade on demand. You can open it on hot days to provide artificial shade to your grass. 

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