Sharp Sand or Granite Dust for Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become a feasible option for homeowners. Installing artificial grass can create a wow factor in your home. Regular mowing and maintaining lush green grass can be tiring. But if you are thinking about What is an Artificial Grass Sub-base? Is sharp Sand or Granite Dust for Artificial Grass suitable for the surface before laying?

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That is why we have gathered all the information about the artificial grass guide. Let’s read!

For synthetic grass, use sharp sand or granite dust.

When it comes to determining what to use for your new synthetic lawn sub-base, it’s simple. For the sub-base, you can use two products: Sand or Granite Dust. Sharp Sand or Granite Dust for Artificial Grass is a substantial base - dust allowing you to create a solid, compact base while still allowing water to drain through. 

Sand or Granite Dust can be used: 
  • Where natural turf, paving or shingle was visible beforehand
  • On Places that do not need too much leveling and have only tiny lumps and bumps
  • on areas that have a depth of 25mm-50mm
  • In newly built gardens that haven't had adequate time for the soil to consolidate and compact (this can take several years)
  • In places with a depth of more than 50mm to fill or raise
  • When infilling an old fishpond (it helps reduce the risk of sinkage as it firmly consolidates the pond area)
  • Covering a flowerbed or a place where a huge tree or bush has been cut down is essential because the soil may shift and soften as the roots decompose over time. Leading to sinking. It will help mitigate these effects) 

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In reality, sand or granite dust is much less expensive than sharp sand. Artificial grass is a way to invest that you wish to last for the maximum lifespan. You will not get value for money if your synthetic turf is over an untrusted sub-base.

Installing artificial grass and sub-base can be complex based on the surface you have to work on. For this purpose, if you have queries about fake grass, the available types and the laying process, please contact us, and we will be delighted to assist you.