Top Reasons to Add Sand Under Artificial Grass

There are countless reasons why homeowners and businesses choose artificial grass all over the world. There's no doubt that people are replacing artificial grass with tired old lawns. But many of you asked why we should add sand to artificial grass during installation.

In this blog, we will state the top exciting reasons to add sand under artificial grass. 

Top Reasons to Add Sand Under Artificial Grass

The artificial grass looks great, but it's not very practical. If you have a lot of foot traffic through your lawn, the sand under the grass can help keep it standing upright, preventing sagging. Ensuring that all those people walkers won't trip over themselves while walking on an uneven surface.

Infill gives the artificial grass a natural look.

The sand is the infill. Sand provides a natural look. It helps the artificial grass stand up while covering seams from installing several pieces of artificial grass together.

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Sand covers seams made by installing several pieces of artificial grass together.

Seams are necessary to join sections of artificial grass together. To prevent the seams from splitting, and can be added over the top. It will help to fill in any gaps. It makes them harder to see, so you can enjoy your new artificial lawn longer!

Sand adds stability to artificial grass.

Sand is an excellent addition to artificial grass because it helps the grass stand up. If soil were used as an underlayment for your lawn, then there would be no way for water to drain through the ground below. It causes problems with drainage in areas like rain storms or heavy snowfall. But if you put down sand instead of soil, this issue will not happen as often due to less resistance between water and its path through the ground (which means less flooding).

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Sand can reduce the risk of slipping and falling on artificial grass.

Not only will sand help to ensure the grass remains upright, but it can also help prevent the grass from moving around and becoming slippery. It is because sand helps to keep it from getting too dry, which means that it doesn't fray or shred easily.

Children will enjoy the soft feel of the sand on their feet as they play on the artificial lawn.
  • Sand is soft and comfortable for children to walk on, play in and jump on.
  • The sand provides an ideal surface for playing with toys or other objects, such as cars and balls.
  • It's also great for sliding down hills or into pools!