Laying Artificial Grass on Clay Soil [Right Way]

We all know natural grass requires a lot of regular maintenance to retain its optimum look. Artificial grass is an excellent alternative because it does not require nearly as much maintenance. Additionally, grass lawns and gardens are soothing for the eyes and can add life to your home or office. But if you think of laying artificial grass on clay soil, you will waste your money. 

This blog will talk about laying artificial grass on clay soil. Clay soils are stiff and sticky when moisture and lumpy and heavy when dry. They are challenging to deal with, and their ineffective drainage creates wet lawns that encourage worms and weeds. In dry seasons, the hardened soil can crack. Therefore, clay soils require special consideration.

Laying Artificial Grass on Clay Soil [Right Way]

Just before laying grass on clay soils, you need to enhance the structure of your soil. You can do it by installing a drainage system and capping the area with sandy topsoil or incorporating sand into your soil. The first option is much simpler, so many people want to lay drainage and cover the place with quality topsoil instead of trying to enhance the clay soil itself when laying grass on clay.

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A homeowner or grass-laying service can perform the required work. Using a service will be expensive, but it will help you save time, avoid the hassle, and achieve a better result. If you want to use a service, browse online for the one that operates in your area and ask them for a quote. Inform the provider that you require laying grass on clay, so they include additional services into the quote.

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Before choosing the grass for laying on clay, you may want to look closely at the samples. A good grass will have a uniform surface, robust root system, and good soil; it will not have any diseases, weeds or pests. Short grass will allow you to check whether there are any weeds in the layer.