Can I lay Artificial Grass on Real Grass?

The use of artificial grass is gaining more popularity day by day. You will see many homeowners and businesses installing fake grass due to its many benefits. But a question that has been popping up frequently is; can you lay artificial grass on real grass

We have briefly explained the answer to this question in this blog, make sure you read through!

Lay Artificial Grass on Real Grass

You can simply install artificial grass on real grass as you like but it’s not a good idea at all. There are multiple reasons why it is not recommended by artificial grass manufacturers. Let’s have a look at everything related to laying artificial grass on natural grass.

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Laying artificial grass on top of real grass is easy because it skips the part where you clear the ground and prepare it for fake grass installation. But it can cause you several other issues:

Saving Money & Time

Since you don’t have to strip down the existing turf, you will be saving a lot of time & money. The main issue is that it won’t last very long as the surface hasn't been prepared properly. It is less likely that artificial grass will maintain its standard because the quality of the grass is going to reduce as compared to artificial grass which is installed and prepared correctly. 

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No Drainage

The second main issue with laying artificial grass on real grass is drainage. As the fake grass installed on bare land can drain the water via holes and dry itself. But with natural grass underneath fake grass, it will create a mess. It won’t dry and will potentially be a slip and trip hazard. 

Weed Control

As we know, installing synthetic turf on bare land is resistant to weed growth. But when laying artificial grass on real grass, it will not stop weed growth underneath your artificial grass, which will limit its life expectancy and will not look as appealing as it should. It is recommended to install a weed barrier beneath the turf installation to prevent/stop weed growth. 

Uneven Surface

When you lay artificial grass on real grass it will make it uneven. It will look unappealing to the eye. Uneven surfaces can cause a danger of tripping your pets and kids while playing on the lawn.