Is Artificial Grass Safe?

Artificial grass is the best alternative compared to a real lawn but you might wonder, is artificial grass safe? To be as precise as possible, the answer is yes, artificial grass is safe.

Beginning of Artificial grass

From the start, artificial grass was primarily used for sports events such as hockey and tennis. But in recent years people have started using it for residential and business purposes. Artificial turf has become popular due to its wide variety.

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It is better than a real lawn in various ways. It does not require regular watering and mowing. You save a lot of money and water with synthetic grass installed on your lawn. As a whole, it is best suited for your lawns as compared to natural turf.

Manufacturing of Artificial grass

Talking about the material from which it is made, is the best quality material used by companies. Polypropylene is one of the finest materials, it is highly used in the manufacturing of fake grass. It is super durable and can easily withstand high temperatures and high volumes of traffic. It is cheap and can be used efficiently in small spaces.

All artificial turf is produced by combining synthetic fibers to resemble blades of grass and placing an infill on the layer to keep it stable. Petroleum-based or plant-based materials are used to make the infill and blades and vary from company to company.

Crumb rubber is a petroleum-based polyethylene that is used as an infill. It gives more bounce and cushions the impact, providing the best surface for sports. It also prevents serious injuries in the sports field. 

However, in recent years, people have become more doubtful of the risks that a tire-based product may have on their health, leading to extensive scientific testing. 

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Based on scientific testing, it has been concluded that artificial grass is not associated with any kind of health risks using petroleum-based products like crumb rubber as an infill.

So, is artificial grass safe? Yes, artificial grass is 100% safe to use on your lawns without any worry. It is pet-friendly, and child-friendly. It saves you a lot of money and gallons of water annually.