How to make Artificial Grass looks Fresh | Follow Helpful Tips

After installing and adding infill for your lawn, you might be wondering how to keep your  fake grass up-to-date all the year? You might be questioning yourself: will I have to regularly maintain it? The answer is no! fake grass is very easy to clean and it doesn’t require any day-to-day maintenance. Keeping fresh Artificial grass in your backyard needs some care. We are here to tell you some important tips on how you can make your Artificial turf look fresh for 365 days of a year.

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Fresh Artificial Grass

Follow these helpful tips for a evergreen and fresh looking fake turf:

Keep your Artificial Grass away from heat items

To have fresh-looking Artificial turf in your homes, keep away the heat-related items. This includes BBQs, fire-pits, and fireworks. Ask any smokers to keep away from your lawn. Make sure there is no ash or hot embers on your turf. It can cause the burning or melting of your grass. 

Keep your Artificial Grass away from chemicals

Fresh-looking Artificial grass should not experience any harsh chemicals. They can cause severe damage to your fake turf when they come in contact. 

This includes any type of fuel, bleaches, battery acids, and greases. Harsh chemicals will fade the green color of your synthetic lawn and can tarnish it over time. 

Keep your Artificial Grass away from your sharp objects

To avoid the wear and tear of your synthetic lawn surface, never wear studded or stiletto on your fake grass. This will damage the grass surface. Likewise, never place any sharp object or broken glass on the surface. These objects can spoil fibers and reduce the freshness of Artificial turf.

Keep your Artificial Grass away from heavy objects

Straightening of synthetic grass fibers can dampen its freshness. In order to prevent the flattening of synthetic turf, it is always recommended that you don't rotate heavy furniture on the grass surface. 

Keep your Artificial Grass away from Sun

One of the major tips for fresh Artificial grass is that it is better to install shades, shutters, or awnings on doors and windows to reduce the harsh reflected light coming from the sun. Sun heat can damage the soft fibers and dull their color.

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