How to lay Artificial Grass [Step-by-Step Guide]

We all know that natural grass requires a lot of regular maintenance to retain its optimum look, which is where Artificial Grass comes in. Of course, grass lawns and gardens are soothing for the eyes and calming for your nerves. The smooth texture adds life to your home or office and uplifts the overall ambiance.

So, homeowners should know how to lay Artificial Grass in their gardens.

Installation of  Artificial Grass:

Fake turf does not require frequent maintenance or watering, making it an affordable and long-term solution. Moreover, with an artificial lawn, you do not need to mow it regularly, ensuring a cost-effective solution that does not require a lot of work. To install Artificial Grass you can hire professionals by visiting our website but a DIY project is not beyond the scope.

Step # 01 Mapping Out the Landscape

The first step in laying artificial grass in your garden is to map out the landscape. You can use a range of mobile applications and tools to measure the area you need to cover, but conventional methods such as using a measuring tape would suffice. This step will help you plan your order adequately and save spending unnecessarily on the supplies. 

Step # 02 Clearing the Lawn

The next phase is clearing the lawn and preparing it for laying out synthetic turf. If you are planning to lay Artificial Grass on the soil, then you need to clear out the existing lawn along with its roots to give your landscape a smooth finish, as well as to avoid any unwanted growth below artificial grass.

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Step # 03 Laying a Geotextile Membrane

While this step is not entirely necessary when you want to install artificial grass on concrete, it can be handy when you want to lay it on the soil. The problem with soil is that unwanted weed growth can ruin the look and installation of fake turf.

Geotextile membrane ensures that weed growth is not facilitated, increasing the lifespan of artificial grass installation. All you need is a pair of scissors to cut the desired length and shape and place it on the soil before you lay Artificial Grass on the soil.

Step # 04 Completing the Task

The last bit is easy, you simply need to lay artificial grass on the desired area, ensure that the fiber all face the same direction to give it a smooth texture, and bind the corners seamlessly to give it a smooth finish, and voila, you have yourself an artificial grass garden. 

One additional step that is required to complete the look of your fake grass garden is sprinkling and brushing filler sand. Spread the sand evenly once you can install your fake lawn, firmly and vigorously brush the sand into the carpet. 

However, you need to ensure that the grass is dry before you attempt the procedure. The best way to brush the sand is against the fiber direction to keep them upright. Visit our Facebook page for amazing reviews from clients from all over the UK.