How Can We Keep Artificial Grass Cool?

It is true that Artificial grass can get overheated when exposed to excess heat/sun and it might make you reconsider your decision of installing fake turf in your garden. It is a frequently asked question that how do I keep my artificial grass cool

No doubt, synthetic lawn is easy to upkeep along with its water and budget friendly properties. This is why people choose to go for fake turf over natural grass.

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But the main concern here is to know how artificial turf gets hot in the heat and how to keep it cool?

Artificial grass gets hot, how?

During summer days, your turf can get hotter than normal. Regardless of its high temperature, it is very unlikely for your fake grass to melt due to the heat or the sun. Furthermore, If you are using high quality fake turf for your garden then it is less likely that it will get hot in high temperatures.

Some useful ways to keep your Artificial Grass Cool are as follow:

1. Light color of Artificial Grass 

To keep your turf cool, use a light color of grass and a light color of infill. It will help the temperature to keep it low. With all this, avoid using rubber infill because they tend to absorb and transfer a lot of heat.

2.Cover your Artificial grass with shades

You can cover your grass with shades to block the sunlight. It will help to reduce the heat absorption and heat transfer. Thus, it will provide you a perfect shady place to sit and play.

3. Use a sprinkler system for Artificial grass

To run water on your fake grass is the best way to keep it cool. Use a sprinkler system, run water for a few minutes and it will keep its temperature low before the guest arrives. 

4. Use a heat resistant Artificial grass

Choose a heat resistant artificial grass. Plenty of Artificial grass companies are specifically designing heat resistant fake lawns which keeps itself pretty cool during hot temperatures.

5. Avoid dull patches on Artificial grass

Wondering how this can happen? Your Synthetic turf can get damaged because of glass magnification. Avoid installing double-pane glass windows or doors facing your grass. These window panes can easily reflect and magnify the sunlight and cause dull patches on your artificial grass.

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